LAGHC 2017 Schedule - Re-Designing Global Health: Innovations & Sustainability

January 28th, 2017

8:00–8:30 AMBreakfast & RegistrationGrand Horizon Room
     Exhibitor BoothsSouth Promenade
8:30–8:45 AMOpening RemarksGrand Horizon Room
      Thomas Coates, PhD & Mellissa Withers, PhD, MHS
8:45–9:35 AMOpening Keynote Grand Horizon Room
     "Partnership, Diplomacy, and Sustainability: Re-Defining Global Health"
           Vanessa Kerry, MD, MSc
9:35–9:45 AMBreak
9:45-10:30 AM Breakout Session 1: Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Innovations & Sustainability
     "Behavioral Economics Approaches to Improving Chronic Health Behaviors"
           Sebastian Linnemayr
Grand Horizon Room
     "Starting with Experience Design for Global Health Efforts to Enable Sustainable Innovation"
           George Tolomiczenko
North Ridge Room
     "Innovations in Health Communication: Storytelling through Serial Dramas Around the World"
           Doe Mayer
South Bay Room
     "Planetary Health as a Framework for Innovation and Sustainability Partnerships"
           Woutrina Smith
West Coast Room
10:30–10:40 AMBreak
10:40–11:30 AMSecond Keynote Grand Horizon Room
     "Designing in a Cultural Blindspot: Sanitation, Health and Water"
           Molly Winter
11:30–1:00 PMLunchGrand Horizon Room/ Terrace
1:00–1:45 PMBreakout Session 2: Sustainability
     "Collaborative Fistula Care in Uganda"
           Chris Tarnay
Grand Horizon Room
     "Evaluating and Scaling Up Sanitation: Evidence from the Dirty Business of Eliminating Open        Defecation"
           Manisha Shah
North Ridge Room
     "American Executive Orders as Catalysts for Global Health"
           Oladele Ogunseitan
South Bay Room
     "How Developmental Science Can Contribute to Global Health: Examples from Research on        Children’s Cognitive Development"
           Mary Gauvain
West Coast Room
1:45–1:55 PMBreak
1:55–2:40 PMBreakout Session 3: Innovations
     "Lessons from All the Wrong Places: Contagions, Conflicts, and Cluster Meetings"
           Ross Donaldson
Grand Horizon Room
     "Business Perspectives on Healthcare Innovation"
            Victor Tabbush, PhD;
Joshua Bivins; Sarah Broadbent
North Ridge Room
      "UCLA Connected Health and Global Implications"
            Michael Ong
South Bay Room
      "Point of Care Testing: Challenges, Strategies, and Solutions for Global Health"
            Omai Garner
West Coast Room
2:40–2:50 PMBreak
2:50–3:30 PM Student Speakers Grand Horizon Room
     "Visionaria Network: Indigenous Women's Empowerment"
            Kali Basman
      "Applied Psychological Anthropology: Perspectives on Sustainable Global Health        Development"
            Ipsita Dey
     "Beyond Barrier's — A Syrian Refugee's Perspective of Healthcare"
            Eyad Gharaibeh
     "Electronic Graveyard"
            Fiona Obiezu
3:30–3:40 PM Break
3:40–4:30 PM Closing Keynote Grand Horizon Room
     "Philanthropy and Foundation Responses in the Wake of the Election"
           Peter Laugharn
4:35 – 6:00 PMReceptionGrand Horizon Room/ Terrace