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LAGHC 2019 Speaker Tracks

1. Immigration, Displacement, and Vulnerable Populations: Saiba Varma, Carmen George, Anmol Diwan, Seth Holmes

With this breakout session it is our hope to highlight some individuals who have dedicated much of their careers to working with certain vulnerable populations. Whether through the work of highlighting the exploitation of migrant farm workers, understanding the healthcare delivery gaps present among indigenous peoples, or detailing the oftentimes unacknowledged pain and suffering in the form of mental illness left in the wake of war, our aim is for each of the speakers within this breakout session to share what their work has shown them so that we face these disparities and move towards meaningful change.

2. Planetary Health and Disaster Relief: Matthew Waxman, Kristie Ebi, Courtney Howard, Amy Vittor

The state of of our environment directly impacts our quality of life and overall health. From the communities that we surround ourselves with to the natural resources that we depend on, our interactions build and shape the environment of our planet. Unfortunately, everyday there seems to be new research reports that highlight the damage that we are subjecting our planet and fellow humans to. How does the global community respond to infectious disease, injury, and disaster related to the interactions between people and their environment? With some of our speakers this year, we were hoping to highlight how the changing conditions of our natural and built environments have an impact on human health.

3. Innovation, Change, and Priority Setting: Suzanne Maman, Porter DeLaney, Catherine Juillard, Ali Mokdad

The world is continuously changing and with this change comes innovative ideas to ultimately improve the quality and quantity of life. There is a vast amount of unprecedented challenges we face in the world that has brought about the need to design, invent, or develop innovative ways to approach such an endeavor. This session seeks to highlight some of the unique and innovative ideas that are emerging in the global health sphere in an effort to spark more interest and involvement in the topic.

4. Health Along the Continuum: Corrina Moucheraud, Paris Adkins-Jackson, Shahrzad Bazargan, Keith Norris

Global Health is a truly expansive field of study, one that is often interdisciplinary and intersectional. As we become an increasingly globalized society, more knowledge is being gathered and shared with regards to health of the human population, from infectious diseases to mental health and chronic illness. The goal of this session is to recognize the heterogeneity and complexity of issues that influence the health of at-risk populations, and the various approaches that are being taken to address them. We hope to highlight some truly remarkable speakers whose work leverages the expertise of multiple disciplines in the pursuit of alleviating the burden of disease due to chronic and noncommunicable diseases.